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anna dufrat 

Chartered Physiotherapist 

Anna Dufrat graduated in 2013 from the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Poland with an M.Sc. Master’s degree in Physiotherapy. As a fully qualified physiotherapist in 2015 she joined a private practice in Norwich were she spent a year working with musculoskeletal clients. In 2016 she moved to Norfolk Community Health and Trust to provide specialist care for NHS patients with a variety of acute and chronic conditions.  She specialises in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and sports injuries including treating patients with back and neck pain, golf and tennis elbow, ankle sprains, knee injuries and many more. In her work she uses a wide range of treatments including acupuncture, deep tissue massage, Chinese cupping, kinesiology taping, electrotherapy interferential, ultrasound, joint mobilisations and exercise prescription. Anna believes in treating the patient as a whole and uses a   holistic approach in her treatment. Her motto is: "A human is like a house with four rooms: body, mind, emotion and spirit. A wise person visits them daily, or at least ventilates every one of them''.

Anna offers Saturday appointments at our Rossis Clinic.  To book an appointment with Anna Call 07788 727649