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North Norfolk Physio

At North Norfolk Physio we offer Pilates classes to help build core strength and improve general fitness. In an average class we have approximately 10 people and each class lasts one hour. All our classes are taught by Chartered Physiotherapists so you can be assured of an enhanced level of knowledge and experience. Equipment is provided, no experience is required to join the class however we would prefer to meet with you prior to your first session to discuss individual goals   

 All classes £8 per session - 6 week course £48.

Our Class Timetable:

Rossis Leisure classes:

Classes take place in the function room. All equipment is provided.

​Tuesdays 9am and 10.05am - Taught by Fiona and Georgina 

Thursdays 6.30pm - Taught by Fiona

Wednesday 10am - Clinical Pilates for Beginners (Booking Required)

At North Norfolk Physio we offer Clinical Pilates. Clinical Pilates focus on using Pilates to identify movement patterns that are causing pain or damage to the body, identify muscles that are not functioning normally, identify postures that are causing pain and identify muscles that are too tight or too loose. Pilates focuses on a holistic approach to injury rehabilitation and incorporates functional exercises to help manage and reduce pain.

Clinical Pilates is effective in treating problems with muscles, connective tissue, bones, nerves and joints. Group sessions and one to one classes are available. 

"Regular pilates and physio have helped me address my posture and stop the cycle of injury I was in. It's helped me understand which fitness activities really benefit my body best and I think physiotherapy should be part of everyone's health routine." -Amy