I started seeing Fiona in 2007 after seeking help from several chiropractors for a back complaint from which I had suffered from for many years. During that year, she asked my GP to refer me to the hospital to have further investigations as it seemed that we were only managing the pain and not progressing further. In 2008, I was referred to see a spinal surgeon who diagnosed a lumbar disc herniation in my lower back. 

Subsequently, I had a spinal discectomy with decompression, where my disc was removed and replaced with a titanium cage. After 5 days I was discharged from hospital and would have been referred to the consultants own team of physio's. However, the surgeon agreed to my request to carry on seeing Fiona for the essential physio as long as she liaised with his team and followed their recuperation procedure. 

I started to visit Fiona regularly at her practice at Rossis in North Walsham, such was her dedication that she even came to the swimming pool with me to help with my strength building. I can't thank Fiona enough for her help, as nothing was too much to ask of her. I have attended the Pilates classes for back pain and still see Fiona every couple of months or sooner if I need too for back maintenance, as I suffer from neuropathic pain from the operation and Fibromyalgia. 

Fiona is professional, highly skilled and I trust her judgement and for this reason, when I am in pain, I will not see anybody else.  

Kim Simons

Physiotherapy • Sports Injury Clinic • Wellbeing 

North Norfolk Physio

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